GridTracker v1.20.0110 Update

[v1.20.0110] January 10th, 2020

* New - forum for GridTracker, all topics welcome:
* New - Lighting Strike Detection from the network
	When enabled in the main menu, local strikes (within 0.5 degrees of your Lat/Long) will display a large lightning icon on the map and play an alert sound
	The alert cannot be muted, but you can select 'None' as an option in (Settings->Map->Lightning Strike Audio Alert) 
	Only local strikes will play an alert sound
	Hotkey "Y" will toggle detecting Local or Local+Global lightning strikes
	Global Lightning Strikes appear as a faint bolt 
	If you notice a globlal strike getting brighter, zoom in and you will find that there are multiple strikes nearby
	Lighting Strike icons will disappear after two minutes
* New - (Settings->Audio->QSO Log Event Notification) 
	You can now select the QSO log event media file or "None"
* New - Callable Roster external script alert notification
	Documents/GridTracker/scripts/ is checked every decode round for the presence of:
		"cr-alert.bat" (Windows)
		""  (Mac and Linux)
	If it exists then any "new hits" in the call roster will be written to:
		Documents/GridTracker/scripts/cr-alert.(bat/sh) will be spawned as a detached process
	To disable, simply rename or delete  "cr-alert.(bat/sh)"
	This feature is mainly for developers and tinkerers
	No script example is provided (yet)
* Update - When mouseover a GT Flag:
	Header color background will change from Cyan to:
		Yellow if you have worked this station on the current band and mode
		Green if you have confirmed this station on the current band and mode
	Distance and Bearing added
* Update - Mode and Band change status updates in text area below main buttons
	aka (Decode Text Waterfall)
* Update - Removed the deprecated logging style warning
* Fixed - Mac TQSL path issue
	There was a button that let you select the path of the TQSL binary on the Mac,
	I tried to disable it but somehow it snuck through and some of you (on the Mac)
	tried to find the TQSL binary, but it lives inside the content folder of the which 
	users are not allowed to navigate to apparently.  
	I now detect four possible locations of the tqsl app:
	If your tqsl is not located in one of these places or has been renamed, 
	TQSL support will not function in GT on a Mac